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Czech Presidents Synergy: Cybernetic Civic Humanism

Aktualizováno: 22. 11. 2020

In contrast to Western Europe, the citizens of the Czech Republic have grown up in the last 30 years in political environment with open public debate, which Czech presidents have been able to expand as much as possible with their distinctive attitudes and values - identity protecting humanist Havel, competition protecting conservative Klaus and equality protecting socialist Zeman.

Václav Havel (1993-2003; humanistic): “We have to somehow recover - as humankind, ie as people, as conscious beings with soul and responsibility. I used to call it an existential revolution. I meant a kind of general mobilization of human conscience, human spirit, human responsibility, human reason."

Václav Klaus (2003-2013; civic): "We need active and authentic citizenship of each of us."

Miloš Zeman (2013-2023; cybernetic): "The alienated future was not shared by a society which did not plan for itself, but to which there were made plans."

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