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In 1834, the mathematician, physicist and polymath André-Marie Ampère classified the social sciences and defined visions of new disciplines, including “cybernetics“ as the science of managing human society or “cenolbology“ as the science of social happiness.

The word CYBER-, from cybernetics, comes from the Greek meaning "governance" or "to steer, navigate or govern". As a CITIZENS of any republic „we are slaves of laws so that we can be free“ – how Marcus Tullius Cicero said.

As CYBER-CITIZENS, we advocate sustainable protection of civil liberties and the state in the form of an effective service center for citizens at the actual technological level, which allows plurality of opinions and nonconformity of life paths and gives to the citizens information to manage their lives and society. Detailed information, its context and shared public and non-shared private predictive impact to maximize the power of the rational momentum of specific personal identity of the individual.

This "Civil Society 4.0" could be also seen as cyber-civic forum upgrading one of idea predecessor - czech Civic Forum in 1989-1991. Purpose is to unify the dissident forces against both traditional totalities and possible modern cyber-totalities with technologies on the actual technology level implemeted by statism of choosen political party, by religious fanatism of choosen faith or by corporativism of choosen activism.

Founder and spokesman of CYBER-CITIZENS civic movement is Josef Zboril, Ph.D. (1979; Czech republic), who is a former Olomouc regional chairman and leader of candidates of the Free Citizens Party (2011-2015). Translator and author of the articles of the American think-tank Gatestone Institute (2015-2019), whose then chairman J. R. Bolton - former US ambassador to the UN - transferred as US National Security Advisor.


We Are Our Freedoms

Besides the Czech Cybernetics – the former Minister of the Environment J. Vavroušek promoting "self-managed eco-society" and dissident V. Benda promoting "independent society through the design of Parallel Polis" - we agree with American futurological systems theorist and ex-president of Menza International R. B. Fuller, who said: "I live on Earth at present, and I don’t know what I am. I know that I am not a category. I am not a thing — a noun. I seem to be a verb, an evolutionary process – an integral function of the universe.” By limiting the degrees of freedom of a man by chosen freedoms and responsibilities can a person lose the ability to find and develop own innate talent or genius. How we cultivate ourselves or what we become as individuals and society is in our freedoms - we are our freedoms. Therefore each of us must control and manage them with personal responsibility.

Based on our knowledge and experience, We develop the ESG participation civic movement CYBER-CITIZENS to improve civic and public services, whose goals are inspired by examples of good practice mostly from the USA, Switzerland, Israel or Singapore, innovative approaches like SMART(ER), INDUSTRY 4.0, or peer-to-peer cooperation by coordinated technologies.

We want the Czech Republic, Europe and the world to change in these directions of "the most civic society, the most decentralized governance and the most participatory democracy" - with the long-term ideal of a European or planetary confederation on the ground of the anti-corporatist, anti-statist and anti-clericalist "Civil Society 4.0" based on the ideas of not only dissident Vaclav Havel and the possibility of creating and modeling own conceptual information model of citizenship "Parallel Cyber-Polis" serving as a usable and a non-public cyber-physical system tool for independent cyber self-governance of a sovereign citizen who strives to create economic, social and ecological development from below, for its verification with the lived present and for the prediction of personal happiness, responsibility and freedom. To face both the current modernizing "power technologies and manipulations, art of purpose, practices and intrigues" of (cyber) government of people by apparatus, "with an expropriated conscience, without natural reason and without natural speech", acting in the anti-civic interests of corporatism, statism or clericalism, as well as to face "artificial morals and ethics" from innovative systems managed by algorithms and artificial intelligence.

In the words of Vaclav Havel: "All of us, face one fundamental task from which all else should follow. That task is one of resisting vigilantly, thoughtfully and attentively, but at the same time with total dedication, at every step and everywhere, the irrational momentum of anonymous, impersonal and inhuman power – the power of ideologies, systems, apparat, bureaucracy, artificial languages and political slogans. We must resist its complex and wholly alienating pressure, whether it takes the form of consumption, advertising, repression, technology or cliché – all of which are blood brothers of fanaticism and the wellspring of totalitarian thought."

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