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Cybernetic Civic Humanism



- Freedom of thought, movement and an uncensored world. The freedom to express one's own opinion, which is hidden in every soul;

- Equality before the law for every person. Equal opportunities to make own dream come true and even to be a citizen of the world;

- The siblinghood of all people who see the frontier of humanity. Who do not take a single step through it and do not betray their conscience even for progress;



- Cultivating society by the growth of education and ingenuity of citizens, by justice of the rule of law and by meritocratic "fair play" competition;

- Moving towards an enlightened and economical - variably military or industrial - society, which corresponds to nature and human nature;

- Maximizing the power of the rational movement of a specific personal identity of an individual, enabling also direct or participatory democracy and competitiveness of the individual in the partocracy of political parties;



- Modernization by realizing foreign examples of good practice and applying non-ideological pragmatism with corporate professionalism;

- Transparency and effective digitization by implementing (disruptive) innovative approaches such as SMART(ER), INDUSTRY 4.0 or peer-to-peer cooperation with coordinated technologies;

- Unification by "pro-civic dataism" into the anti-corporatist, anti-statist and anti-clericalist "Civil Society 4.0";


"Preparatory - Analytical" phases of defining "Cyber Civic Humanism"

D1) Development and publication of documents, articles, analyzes and translations with "cyber-citizenship" topic; 

"Proposing - Educational" phases of theoretical "Cyber Civic Humanism"

T1) Establishment of a civic movement; 

T2) Precision and editing of documents, articles, analyzes and translations with "cyber-citizenship" topic;

T3) Establishment and designing the information model of citizenship "Parallel cyber-polis" according to the personal conscience of the individual, as a tool for cyber self-management and self-governance of a sovereign citizen;

T4) Interconnection at least 6,561 Czech citizens with a minimum 81 in each of the 81 districts of Czech Senate;

T5) Development of organizational documents (registration, political movement Constitution and Declaration);

T6) Establishment of a registered political movement based and inspired on values not only on the ideas of the Czech national legacy of Masaryk's humanities democracy, Comenius' imperative of education and Hus's search for truth, but also of the international organizations with the Nobel Peace Prize, ie. "for the humanitarian efforts" of the International Committee of the Red Cross, "for the promotion of decent work and workers' justice through tripartite-managed social justice" of the International Labor Organization, and “for pioneering the concepts of microcredit and microfinance as an effort to create economic and social development from below" of the Grameen Bank.


"Project - Implementation" phases of applied "Cyber Civic Humanism"

A1) Promoting the own draft of the UN's 2030-2045 Sustainable Development Goals;

A2) Achieving a position of power enabling changes to the Constitution in a non-revolutionary and legal way and implementation of changes in laws and restructuring of ministries and state administration;

A3) Proving the success and sustainability of such an organized society, when the most important public "political office" became a "non-apparatusized and self-organized private citizen"  and if the citizens of other nations will be significantly inspired, so finally in 2035 naturally, among an average of 300 other nominees, aspire to the Nobel Peace Prize for the organization "which has done the most for fraternity between nations" for "pioneering the concepts of civic self-governance as an effort to create economic, social and ecological development from below".

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