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Vision of the Republic in the 21st Century

Aktualizováno: 29. 11. 2020

Republicanism leans towards the positive freedom (freedom to have and own property, abilities, and means to fulfill one's own goals) more than the negative freedom (freedom from interfering with other people), which is characteristic of liberalism. Republican freedom is based on "no-domination", while liberal freedom is based on "no-interference". Liberalism sees freedom as a kind of natural freedom, while classical republicanism sees true freedom as a product of society and action within rules and laws in the formation of which we can participate ourselves. Positive and negative freedom are two sides of the same coin of individual freedom with indirect proportionality. The possibilities (positive freedom) of some represent a potential threat to the certainties (negative freedoms) of others and vice versa - certainties represent a limitation of the possibilities of all.

The stable wording and smooth functioning of the constitution and laws without change is of great value, but when their changes are judiciously made, they must take into account their user-friendliness and ease of use for the average citizen and must be written in such a short and comprehensible way, with a clear picture of political institutions and executive bodies, with an emphasis on the costs, structures and roles they play for citizens.

With an ideal structure of state administration, the state becomes a service center that serves citizens and passes on as many activities as possible to regions and the commercial sphere, while doing the optimal minimum of what it does effectively and transparently with the help of audits, inspections and ratification referendums.

The power-seeking apparatuses of political parties are subject to the iron law of the oligarchy, and over time they become more interested in preserving their acquired powers than in the original goals of their organizations. Through their activities, they balance citizens from specific personal responsibility, and many of the freedoms they declare are illusory. This chronic incompetence cannot confront and prevent the emergence of violence and totalitarianism. However, thanks to modern technologies and approaches, citizens are increasingly able to guarantee themselves a dignified and independent position, even without the apparatus of political parties.

Every human being has its a unique view of the world with a valuable source of information for knowing the truth and finding out whether there is a decline to totalitarianism or a departure from economic freedom. Good and bad people on the right and the left are in promoting the optimal state of society. The left emphasizes the welfare state, balancing social disparities, the interests of employees, controlling prices, public services, enforcing peace, reducing arms and reducing unemployment. The right emphasizes freedom, personal responsibility, absolutely inevitable state intervention, the interests of employers, free enterprise, unregulated economic incentives, strong national defense and reducing inflation.

If we want a society where everyone can live, all opinions, religions and races going forward together as one, then everyone must strive and become the best individuality as far as possible and point out the senseless paths of others and stimulate change in society through intelligent debate. Including radicals, because the more extreme the poles society has on all sides, the more balanced and firmly anchored to its center. Democracy is the rule of all over everyone, where everyone must be able to say that they are the state as well.

Meritocratically, as a system in which talented people are selected on the basis of their successes, where the selection of leaders is based on intellectual criteria and the system rewards on the basis of talent and hard work and there is no condemnation by outward traits, the income, power and prestige of the individual and efforts - not due to gender, family or class background.

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