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Czech Presidents Synergy: To Face the Alienating Exterior

In contrast to Western Europe, the citizens of the Czech Republic have grown up in the last 30 years in political environment with open public debate, which Czech presidents have been able to expand as much as possible with their distinctive attitudes and values - identity protecting humanist Havel, competition protecting conservative Klaus and equality protecting socialist Zeman.

Václav Havel (1993-2003): "Non-political" non-apparatus politics

"I am not, of course, against the parties; if I were against them, I would be against democracy itself. I am only against the dictatorship of partisanship... Namely, against the disproportionately strong power of the parties ... the system, ideology and apparatus expropriated man - ruling and controlled - his conscience, natural reason and natural speech, and thus his concrete humanity ... contemporary politics is all too much a matter of specialists... but it seems to me that it should be primarily a matter of citizens, with a particularly escalated sense of responsibility and the mysterious complexity of being... politics from below, politics of man not of the power apparatus, politics growing from the heart, not from the thesis..."

Václav Klaus (2003-2013): Not to forget the existence of politicized and apparatusized "non-politics"

" ...Homosexualism ...NGOism ...ecologism ...environmentalism ...climate alarmism ...genderism ...humanrightism ... judiciarism... Europeanism."

Miloš Zeman (2013-2023): "Competition of forecasting programs of the future"

"The alienated future was not shared by a society, which did not plan to itself, but which was planned".

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